What We Do

Since 1987, we have built up a solid reputation as a trusted company specializing in offering installation solution for alarm & CCTV, electrical engineering, ventilation system, security access system, auto gate & parts supply solutions contractor in Northern Malaysia. This can be credited to our steadfast commitment to service quality and reliability.

We aim to provide customers with a comprehensive contracting solutions that are directed towards covering all their requirements. Over the years, we have delivered successful project installations of our customers, ranging from commercial to government institutes and more, supporting their functions with a strong track record based on our expertise and capability.

Our services range from design and installation, to commissioning works and maintenance support. We make it our responsibility that our customers’ projects are well installed in a timely and effective manner. In addition to providing installation services tailored to our customer’s needs, we also offer project management services to help our customers save time and cost.

As we continue to evolve with each challenge, we aspire to be future leaders in service excellence, by providing our  customers with reliable, high value contracting & installation solutions that will keep their businesses going strong.