Why Our Service?

Crime management

CCTV surveillance can determine potential criminals. When a crime happens, video footage can help law enforcement investigate. For businesses, CCTV cameras can detect and watch in-house criminal activities.

Disaster management

Using CCTV cameras, emergency services able to assess and track events in real-time. For instance, inside a burning building, from a cave, or from a helicopter flying over a scene.

City and community street monitoring

In cities, cameras to put on the public areas to watch pedestrians and traffics. Mostly, to check all the traffic flows and people walking through the street. The project has met with some resistance from privacy watchdogs.

Medical monitoring and diagnosis

There are about 43 facial muscles that express people’s thoughts and feelings. They can identify these expressions, e.g. pain or anxiety, from images better than people can. CCTV cameras can also watch patients.

Retail intelligence

Market intelligence data is from the customers who come to the shop. By there, the owners easy to see the customer behavior. For example, what is the item that considers hot items. From there, easy for them to market the products to customers. Heat maps can show the highs and lows of shopper traffic at specific locations in a store.

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